“Most Successful Karting Race”

One of the most successful Karting Race ever Stage” said Sandro Lorandi from Baby Race Team and “Bravo, Bravo!!!” said Oronzo di Bari from WSK.

Approximately 5,000 spectators and millions more  watch on live TV to witness exciting kart race ever in Indonesia Kart Prix 2012.


Mini Rok:

1st Leonardi Lorandi of Italy, 2nd Mohammad Harrits of Indonesia, 3rd Presley Martono of Indonesia, 4th Kush Maini of India and 5th Pras Hardja of Indonesia

Rotax Junior:

1st Julio Prost of Indonesia, 2nd Alessio Lorandi of Italy, 3rd Arjun Maini of India, 4th Perdana Minang of Indonesia and 5th Wei Chong Lee of Malaysia

KF 2:

1st Antonio Giovinazzi of Italy, 2nd Moller Madsen of Denmark, 3rd Sami Luca of Belgium, 4th Stefano Cucco of Italy and 5th Senna Noor of Indonesia

In continuing tradition of Indonesian Kart Prix (IKP) and introducing new elected President of IMI, Mr. Nanan Soekarna, Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) is proud to organize Indonesia Kart Prix 2012.  This exciting race is going to be held in Sentul  International Kart Circuit near Jakarta on Januari 27 – 29, 2012.  KF 2, Rotax Junior and Mini Rok engines will be raced for this event.

Best KF 2 drivers from Europe, Australia and Asia are invited for this events. Some of the KF 2 drivers are Rio Haryanto from Indonesia – Formula GP3 Driver; Sami Luca from Belgie – CIK-FIA European Champion 2011; Antonio Giovinazzi from Italy WSK Master Champion 2011; Stefano Cucco from Italy – WSK Euro Champion 2011;  ; Nicolaj Madsen from Denmark; Joel Johansson from Sweden; Nicholas Beer from Denmark;  Saeki Arata from Japan; Sean Gelael from Indonesia; Alfredo Gagliardi from Italy; Esataban Ocon from France; Philo Armand from Indonesia;   Alessio Lorandi from Italy  and many more top Drivers from Asia and Indonesia. We are expecting a full grid of experience drivers making the race exciting to watch.


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